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[BIG]-Buffy - Thank you for these thousands for hours of happiness!

[BIG]-scartxu - mi sento come se mi fosse morto il gatto.... ;(

Marina - mi dispiace un casino....

°monO °°°° - peccato, senza big l'italia..a culo in terra.

{Ev}nodin - awww they were a bit laggy, but a good server nonetheless, im sorry to hear this has happened... :(

[L][Speed][$] - omg this is bad news played on BIG servers and known for a long time its sad to see them go :(

KiLLaH - so sad to hear :( :(

JayMa]N[ - That really sucks tbh Was the first SA server I ever played on and played on it for a long time :(

Kubcoo - Damn !!!!! That was my best servers for 1on1 & 2on2 .They were great servers without any laggs (for me) .Thats really sad to hear :(

[JEPPA]4RpH3n - OMG i didn't even think about them 0o OMg now it's really scary. :S

{RURU}-//Toxic// - :( sad news

[RRF]Alucard - very sad news, many of rrf start playing ut in ur servers , i think all lost the greats servers that u had :(

TURRO:::5/|phiN+ - Big server is where i was born...really sad
it will stay forever on my favourites'window..

*Az!* - My fisrt game was in BIG srv ... gl Iron

-{=SF=]-DonT~FeaR - Crap my preferate server -_- good luck iron maiden and repear pleaz gl hf

TURRO:::Mr.Chouro - i hope BIG comes back coz i also started playing over there for the first time and so many ppl i no over there and everything and i have learned all the maps too lolz soo iron im sure something would work out to get the BIG servers hf...! chouro
hmm just wanna say thankew all of the BIG members and especially iron and bastardo cheers for all this time we enjoyed playing on the big servers its just f***n 2 days that the servers have gone and im already bored like hell f***n hell man anywas BIG server R.I.P thanks for all this time..!

{OCA}INSANE_roba - Another pillar of UT sniper community has fallen. Well if this is really end, I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to you Iron and to BIG clan, for providing us all great place to play and have fun.

<[KwR]>Karonte - I have no words to explain how I can be sad for that... I have played hours on these servers and had a lot of fun. I hope a new solution for these servers can come out, anyway thanks a lot for all the work that was done, specially to Iron_Maiden.

[BIG]-Sheila - E' la mia maledizione, perchè nessuno di voi ha ricordato il mio compleanno lo scorso giovedì! Maybe it was my curse, 'cos nobody remembered my birthday last thursday! I'm joking! I'm very sad without BIG server. Scherzi a parte, non me la sono presa, naturalmente! Ma senza il serverONE è come se mi avessero fottuto l'auto, anche se vado al lavoro a piedi... è davvero una tristezza!

[BIG]-K33P)(OUT - Cavoli!!! Questa non ci voleva!!! Mi unisco a tutti voi nel nostro "lutto globale" ... ma ci saranno speranze di ripresa?

[NNL]Atlantis - Really sad to hear! Also a BIG Thank You from me, for all the Month/Years on your servers!
Was always a pleasure to play there!

[RNG]DipmaN - This is sad to hear - I cant belive this The BIG server was great I played my first games of ut on it And many games, or i should say hours i was on the BIG (main) server, i enjoyed it very much So i want to say thx BIG for having such a nice server for a very long time!

[BSC]Sn!perwolf! - verry verry sad news.... i began 2 play UT on fragga and the BIG servers.... The BIG Servers was a big Part of Unreal Tournament and i hope the BIG Clan will try 2 make new Servers . So Its a big Loss 4 the UT Community. Im really sad.

-{ISC}-Yama - Brutta notizia!! Mi dispiace. Buona fortuna!!

-YoGi- - during these years,its always BIG server was my best place for play with good friends,the respect of the game is on bigserver, thx for all BIG tx for this game!!!!!!

[RRF]FatFreddy - Hi BIG, I have posted in the WGF, but i still want to say something more. It is so
sad to hear that BIG servers will never more be running. I played there
since i began in these magnific game, my first games 2003 or so. And Big was
the only place that i felt like in my own house. Nice atmosphere, nice
players and lots of fun. THANKS A LOT FOR ALL.
And remember something: BIG WILL BE ALWAYS IN OUR MIND!!!THANKS
[RRF]FatFreddy, ex-KAKO

Psiho - Hello, I'm very saddened with this news. I've started and learned how to play
UT on BIG servers and had countless hours of fun on it. Being from
near-by (Croatia) it was one of the best servers to play on due to no
lag and good ping, and always full of good players.
I'd like to thank [BIG]-Bastardo, [BIG]-Iron_Maiden, all other members
and players for all the great times and effort.
Hopefully BIG will come back in some other way...
Best wishes,
Psiho aka Neph

-{ISC}-Mano Santa - Azz ragazzi.. io non potevo entrare piu perchè ero firewallato dal mio sysadm, ma comunque è un vero peccato, era ancora molto frequentato... che dirvi.. Grazie a tutti Iron Bastardo e tutti quelli che hanno collaborato , non è facile gestire tutto questo per anni..

Tartufo - grazie di cuore per l'impegno che ci avete messo...
anche se sono lontano dal mondo di UT nn posso dimenticare
le notti passate con diabolik, sheila, rinco e tutti voi su i vostri server..
grazie mille BIG...

[NNL]Langer - Kann mich nur anschliesen was Atlantis sagte ! BIG Thanks to BIG !

xD - yeah BIG good luck to you bastardo and iron _ BIG Thank You BIG Thank You

[RRF]gAnDaLf - yes ty! BIG server was before the best server with best players best maps and the best fun... TY
very sad news....i start playing UT in BIG the beginning i only play in BIG server and i was a fanatic of stats of the server... thx for the fun and good times BIG (server)

{$s$}bitch-bojo - what more can you say its sad - it has a lot of history for me sad to see it go.
this was the server i met charlie (jeppa legacy on cantina) and i still phone her to this day i exchange cards and gifts too so thank you for my friendship with charlie and all the fun i had on BIG servers ( when leebe wasnt on that is ) - not forgetting all the other ppl i have made friends with too -
luv denise, xxxs-n-hugs

No_2s - Thanks Iron Maiden for the many years of fun. I'm lost now- what other decent sniper servers are there? Brian V.

|»DC.Erikjens«| - Well - When i started with sniper - BIG, UKS, KISS, XMEN - where Great server, i begon in XMEN server, joined XMEN and get playing on BIG for a long time, sad to hear this but the life goes on, SA ZP, is slowly gonna die

{OCA}LeeBe - damn surely a heavy blow to UTSA - I think out of all the SA servers I played on the BIG servers the most, miniBIG has been my favorite server for years now I met a lot of great players there and had a lot of great games - A lot of history has been made there and a lot of friendships made I want to say well done Iron and thanks for keeping them going this far

[BSC]MasterJohnny - Sad news, as far as i know, BSC was founded from regulars on BIG server, too. I hope some day you can set up a new server. It's really a BIG loss to the community

={TR}=Desperado - Yeah reay sad news i have start UT on BIG Server but i hope BIG not dead too !

QuiteBitter - Where I began on sniper too. Some ace servers, always running very smoothly. Thanks to Iron, Bastardo and anyone else who had a hand in keeping them updated and online. It's been appreciated

³T»Anzac - A really heavy loss for the community. A week ago I had my last game on one of the duel-servers. Sometimes I played on the Mini-server (I think it's/was the only sa-DM-server with a lot of people on it) as well and I met a lot of people there. Thanks to those who kept them running for years, you did a great job. Maybe it's a bit early to look into the future, but I hope some people will think about serious alternatives, like renting/buying a new server. Right now you and we all lost a few servers, but it would be even worse if the scene would lose some of the best admins.

[NNL]Blacko Jack - the servers were one of the best ut servers! its really sag to hear that they arent there any more

[BSC]SleepySheepy - It is really sad to read this - I will miss them in my favorites.. they were there since I began to play..

³T»Monk - Damn This really is a shame. They were good servers, will make it a lot harder for the PiPgners now. Special thanks to Iron for all his hard work, and to the rest of BIG.

(UKS)Slut - Thanks for all the amazing games. Had so many great fights with the [BIG] players, both good campers and runners and gunners, a huge amount of respect for that! Will be sorely missed. Hope the other UT servers will be able to cope with all the battle hungry players lost from these servers! I hope BIG lives long and proud!

EpsiTrog - bah. Played a lot on the mini and the the other small servers. Actually those were the only sniper servers I played on. I think 95% of the sniper games I played on those servers. Mostly wanna thx Iron-Maiden for supporting the maps I made and making the the small servers when there was a high request. Hope there come some good alternetives for these servers.. Cause I just don't know them at the moment. I hope people can give me good alternetives here for those servers.

[UKS]PizzaMan (CL) - It feels strange that the BIG servers are gone - I hope it will not cause more people to stop playing UT.

|bah|Sudden_Death - Allmost never been there, but its very sad to hear ...... I (We |bah|) want to wish you all the best in further life - Greetzz

Kier` - That's bad news I had the vast majority of my 1v1's on those servers, and 2v2's also. Were very good, and I personally never had any lag there, and the big server was always full, and good to just play UT and hf . I agree with the get some new servers idea, as it would be good for UT Sa for sure. Thanks Iron for running such great servers for a long time, I think we all have good memories of them

SsK|Jornolo - to bad started to play there and met many ppl there thx BIG for running the servers

[RNG]Nhmh - did play so much on the main big server, but the 2 vs 2 was great, i think the best 2 vs 2... to bad...

Baiter - Ohh Man. I played on that server for 2 years. Hard to see it go. We can make you a server for free if you are willing. It will have an American Ping, but it will be free until you can get back on your feet.

-]U\\'[-VULCANO - that's incredible to hear for me

mdgn` - thx for keeping that servers up Bastardo and thx for nice games on bigmini :> I gained on those servers my aim .. goodbye BIGs
When I was starting to play sniper I played only on BIGs. On bigmini I was recruited to SiR, will never forget games on BIG tdm with all my sniper friends Now we lost 6 (?) server which I still played on, will be hard now to find an alternative for them. Well at the end I wanna say well done Iron and Bastardo and all BIG members for giving us fun for so long time ciao BIGs!!! mdgn

The_W@rrior - sad to hear that, it's a little part of the sniper community who die. Personnaly i start playing sniper on big , fraggalonia and pointless mayhem server and they are all dead ( dont know for fragga btw ) . Thx BiG for the server

JARN - was my first ut sniper server, was my favorite server, i remember when i meet alot of ut friends in BIG servers (remember gandalf? remember vulcano? etc.... this is to bad . a big thanks to all BIG members and expecially for the admin

[BIG]-DiaboliK - Mi unisco al cordoglio generale ma voglio dire a tutti che io credo nella "reincarnazione"
Chi ha orecchie per intendere intenda...........gli altri in roulotte

[BIG]-DoCdOoM - porka malora boia!!!! sono via per qualche gg torno e trovo questo.... Dobbiamo correre ai ripari!!!! (tra l'altro ero a buon punto con una nuova mappa).

<[KwR]>Neophyte - My first zp server -R.I.P magic BiG Servers... zp| [BIG]-Sniper_Team ( [CSHP]
4 ever in my memory

[olo]PISolo - Hy guys........ i'm sorry for the servers... really - see you soon.........I will always be glad to play with you

jymjim - I loved the BIG servers - the players, the maps, everything. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for so many GGs and lifting my spirits on dark evenings here in the UK. I'll never forget any of the names i've come to respect through playing them on BIG. What a shock to try and connect today, see a ping of 9999, and then come here and read all this - i never saw it coming, and hoped that BIG would always be there. If ever a BIG server returns, and i, as many would i'm sure, would help pay for such a thing, that will be a good day :-) Thanks again, and best of luck to all. regards
james (jymjim - not always playing, but hopefully some will know the name)

Harman - Even though none of you knew me, I played many 2vs2's and duels on your servers. I dropped by the 24 man big server once in a while. I'm not even euro and I found your 2vs2 and 1on1 servers to be the best, really sad to see this happen. I had many ggs on your servers and GL to all of you in the future. Sincerely, 2vs2's own

sm4sh - OMG, very sad news. The most popular servers are down? It was a nice time there and i want to say THANK YOU for this.
Hello Bastardo, It was a nice time to play on the BIG servers. The MINI server was my first place to play sniper arena. I met some Players there and now they are good friends in real. Thank you for all the nice time that i had on this servers.

Doggy - Big is my first server its will remain it ever engraved all in my heart and all the very good moments (nostalgia^^)that I passed there will remain ever engraved in my memory,thank you has to you all for these good moments passed on your servers. Big kiss at all members bigs...

[NBS]Flak - I know the feeling I had a LOT of fun on that server, thank you Iron for giving so much to our community.

{Ev}Kraze - i played there a couple of times,, but my ping was way to high even now on other servers its really bad, but [BIG] was also my first server to play on.. sorry to hear this

Concombre - I played so many time on it. Chasing Buffy on top of buildings or in the lame roof of deck32.... Thx for what you did Iron.

<[KwR]>|~Di$a$tEr~| - very bad to hear that they are gone 4ever.u all BIG did a good job,thx for the fun we could spend on ur servers

-w00ke3- - sad 2 hear this... ive played many 2on2s and 1on1s on ur servers

FurY` - ah...sad to hear this. My conn is crap also so I didn't played there often but there was great servers if u don't look on lagz wich are there. great stuffs in it

$s$ Gez - Omg...i can't believe it!!!!!!!........I must say i am sad that big is no longer i will never forget the ppl i met on there ....And hopefully in the future we will meet again!!!...All the Best $s$ Gez xxxx Bitches!

aaa - Its very sad news, my first match is in BIG server. THANKS BIG clan members and others snipers for the many years of fun. i hope BIG servers come back. Sincerelly aaa

-Inc.Mewie^ - agreed with this thanks big <3 always luff and stuff~*~*~ -Inc.Mewie^

suxy` - The [BIG]servers have always been a part of the community and made it to what it is today. I improved a lot by playing on the [BIG]Mini, which used to be the place where many skilled players met at. Not to forget the [BIG]1vs1-servers, on that I had great games as well. The last popular TDM-servers are down. I hope the players that daily played on it will find their way to other TDM-servers, e.g. [UKS]. I'm really, really sad to hear that these servers are down and never will be back online again. I certainly will keep in mind all the awesome games & moments I had on these servers. At the end I want to thank the [BIG]Admincrew, for all their work and invested time. Thank you for hosting so many games.

MasterTaikoon - OMFG really really sad news, for the sniper community...first BIG.... I also started on [BIG] servers and grew on miniBIG with TDM, DM and 1on1s -I met most of my UT m8s and friends there. And as gandalf already said such funny people like Claude, No_2s, lulu<the>butcher... i remember most of the people i've seen there and had a very nice time on these servers - and i spent a lot of time into UT in past, so it's a part of my life and i hope i'll never forget these times and the people.... And of course it's a really big loss for the community, especially for the TDM, and i also hope that the players won't stop and try out other servers! Big thx to the [BIG] crew for all their efforts

DC.LoYal`T - Mfg, this sux - BIG server owned man - I played much 2vs2/1vs1 on it sometimes miniBIG also. Ty big for good servers in the past i had much fun on it

Giovannello - What is left to say? My first head shot was on the BIG server. My smaller son's drawings always have a big BIG logo and lots of your characters in it, shooting like crazy. Thanks to all of you guys. I know all of you from the zahltag map. Thanks for the beautiful (thousands of) hours spent with you and with your server. I will keep checking your home page for good news. Wish you the best. Ciao - Stefano

anitra wc - Da parte di tutto il gruppo degli ICW, un saluto ai BIG e al server dove siamo "nati" e abbiamo sempre giocato. Siamo dispiaciuti per la fine dei server e vorremo ringraziarvi per averci sempre ospitato. Un grazie a tutti quanti, soprattutto alle persone che ci hanno accettato e supportato.

Damon - (fù {DDoS}Damon) - Un grazie a tutti i [BIG] e a tutti gli altri player che mi hanno aiutato nel gioco, un enorme grazie ad Iron Maiden, in primis per il lavoro che ha fatto, poi anche per il nick, sei un mito :) Sono nato in questo server e mi dispiace moltissimo vederlo down...un saluto a tutti, spero di rivedervi in un nuovo server BIG in futuro.

<[KwR]>Osso - Thanks to all for the many hours of fun

-]U\\'[-MaCrEo - I started to play in BiG server. just, r.i.p.

TURRO:::Mr.Bru - Ciao ragazzi è da un sacco che non ci si vede. mi mancate!! non so se vi è giunta notiziia dei disguidi con fastweb che ci hanno portato al taglio della linea. Ora siamo tornati, e abbiamo trovato quest'orribile nuova: server chiuso.. mi dispiace, non ho parole. grazie per gli sbatti che avete fatto per tutti..

Miss - Dear big friends ive played many years on your server with pleasure.but now i already miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - greets Miss

={TR}=Horoz - I am very very unhappy about that. My first UT game i played on the big server. I learned to play UT on Big server.I have many snipers know learned on this server. We all TR members very sad. gl all BIG s

O'z - Hello Big's - it is very very sad to hear, me and my family realy love y server.... thanks for many days of fun on y server.
i hope y come later time. thx, all big-member and players

[D.M.C]M41NFR4M3.NL - My condolences to everybody that misses there favorite server
been a long time that i have played UT but i have to say im gonna mis the BIG server..
i was already looking for it and feared the worst...
Thx for many happy frags al these years Greetz

Thanks to everybody. It's a pleasure reading these words and knowing to have been part of your daily fun.